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As women in the world today, we have influence, we have impact, and we have purpose. But life can be full of distractions. From our social media sites to our personal lives, everyone has advice, opinions, and ideas–what womanhood is, which career you should have, how to handle relationships…The list goes on. In the midst of growing up and making major life decisions, it gets a bit noisy after a while, doesn’t it?

I’ve faced many questions before. And I’m sure you have, too. Many claim to have answers to questions, solutions to problems, but what’s the actual truth?

How do we even get to truth?

We go back to the source. 

Created in January 2015, LizMargaret (LM) is a platform that aims to inspire, empower, and encourage young women to find confidence and assurance in their faith. LM holds the Bible as a foundation, believing that we experience our true potential when we have a relationship with Christ and respond to His call on our lives.

From faith to lifestyle, LM will give you content that will motivate you to find your God-given purpose and live it out to the fullest. You can expect Bible studies, posts on godly womanhood and growing a relationship with Christ, discussions on real issues, natural hair advice, product reviews, college tips, articles on preparing for a career, and more. 

So, whether you’re in high school, college, or post-grad life, LM is your hub for everything faith, lifestyle, and inspiration. Make yourself at home: subscribe to the email newsletter, read the blog, watch a YouTube video, or send in a question for me to answer. Let’s connect.

Meet the Blogger

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I’m Liz. I’m a professional writer and follower of Christ who has a passion for ministry and creativity. I’m a college grad with a BA in English (concentration in Cinema and Media Studies), minor in Creative Writing, and a certificate in French. I like tea, TV/film, exploring new places, and having great conversations with family and friends. Glad you stopped by!

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Instagram & Twitter: @the_lizmargaret

Tumblr: @lizmargaret

YouTube: LizMargaret

Facebook: Lizmargaretblog

Inquires: thelizmargaret@gmail.com


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