Deeper Still Day 4: When the Enemy Attacks | Video

Can you believe we’re almost done with the Deeper Still series? Check out today’s message: Spiritual warfare often starts with the enemy’s attack on your mind–but you can fight back by having a solid understanding of who you are in Christ.

God is more powerful than your obstacle. Download the Deeper Still devo for a powerful reminder about your victory in Him.

Click below to check out Day 4 of the video series:

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Meet Becky | Confidence Without Compromise #20

Becky_CWC feature_20.jpg

Becky, Virginia

Founder, Beauty for Ashes

Meet Becky. A blogger, writer/editor, and follower of Christ. In today’s feature, Becky talks about trusting God’s promises in every season, living victoriously in Him, and being faithful in His calling on our lives.

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