The profile // about the artist

R&R - All Things New.jpg
All Things New (2014)

Rivers & Robots (R&R)

  • Worship music band and missionaries in the U.K.
  • From England

The pull // why i like it

My oldest brother, who happens to have great music taste, introduced me to Rivers & Robots. I only heard a minute or two of Shepherd of My Soul, but I loved it right away. The lyrics speak Biblical truth, and the song itself is composed so wonderfully. Also, have you seen the lyric video (below)? It completely captures the band’s cool aesthetic.

The message // what it means

God is a good God. Not only is He the Creator of the “mountains and seas,” but He cares and values you and has created a unique path for your life. He is a God of provision and peace. Remembering God’s sovereignty reminds us that we can lay down our lives and plans and have confidence of who He is.

Living for Him gives us stability in this ever-changing world.

You lead me by still waters

Lead me through the valleys

Lead me in Your wisdom

Shepherd of my soul”

The call // best to listen if

You love folk, indie, or acoustic music. However, if you don’t usually listen to these genres, the soothing melody and lyrics of this song may draw you in.


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