The profile // about the artist

Chris Tomlin - Good Good Father.jpg
Good Good Father (2015)

Chris Tomlin

  • Contemporary Christian music artist/songwriter, worship leader
  • From Grand Saline, Texas

The pull // why i like it

I love the straightforward message of this song: God is a good Father. It’s a simple fact, yet the enemy tries to deceive us to think otherwise. However, we can fight back by having a firm foundation in the truth of who our Savior is.

The message // what it means

God is the source of everything. He’s a loving Father, and our identity is tied to Him. In order to understand this life and our purpose, we must know Him.

“I’ve seen many searching for answers far and wide

But I know we’re all searching

For answers only You provide”

The call // best to listen when

Anytime! I love that wherever you are, this song encourages you sit and meditate on God and rest in His presence.


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