Here’s What Your Hair Might Be Saying About Your Health

From shampoos and conditioners to stylers and serums, many people often link the health of their hair to the products they’re using. While the wrong products can contribute to brittle, dry, or damaged hair, there can be other factors affecting your strands–and your overall well-being.

Curious to know what your hair says about your health? We’ll cover four signs to watch out for as you care for your hair. (Plus, you’ll get tips like using moringa oil for hair loss so you can take care of your body.)

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Meet Celeste | Confidence Without Compromise #14

Celeste_CWC feature_14

Celeste, Florida

Creator, Celeste and Company

Meet Celeste. A food and lifestyle blogger, encourager, and ministry leader. In this week’s feature, Celeste talks about self-esteem, understanding God’s love, and learning to hear His voice.

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