Ladies, it’s not just a problem men can face. If you’re struggling from thinning hair in some areas, you don’t have to suffer in silence. This issue usually develops slowly over time, so if you notice any thinning, you can start taking steps to restore your hair. Here are four ways to show your strands some love and care for thinning hair.

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Extensions and Protective Styles

While it can take time to deal with the root cause of the thinning hair, you can still experiment with ways to change up your style. If you want to cover up any thinning patches or protect your hair as it grows back, you can consider wearing wigs and hair extensions. Good quality ones not only look natural–they will last longer than cheaper options. Be sure to get proper installation for any hair extensions to ensure your hair will not get damaged. Wigs, weaves, and other protective styles will give your hair a rest as you look into the right treatments for your hair.

Scalp Massaging

Scalp massages are one of the simplest and cheapest ways to combat thinning hair. When you wash or style your hair, take a few minutes to massage your scalp with your fingertips. Giving yourself a scalp massage increases the blood flow, which helps encourage hair growth to fill in any thinning spots. Don’t forget to be gentle! Over time, with other healthy hair care habits, this can help speed up new growth.

Choosing the Right Products

Finding the right hair products is key in preventing thinning or damaged hair. If you’re using the wrong kind of products, you may not be giving your hair the nourishment and protection it needs. Cleansers, for example, can strip your hair of moisture if they have a drying formula. So, make sure that you’re looking at different types of shampoo for certain hair types and picking best option that suits you. You can also choose products that specifically help to restore thinning hair by providing ingredients that moisturize your strands, nourish your scalp, and encourage faster hair growth.

Lavender Oil

Lavender oil doesn’t just have a lovely scent–people say that it can make a difference for thinning hair. Benefits of lavender oil include its regenerative nature, able to restore the health of your scalp, anti-itch ingredients, and soothing and stimulating effect, which helps blood circulation. If you massage small amounts into the scalp, particularly in the areas that are thinning the most, you may see an increase in hair growth. Before you start using it as a treatment, make sure it doesn’t irritate your skin; test a small patch of oil on your arm, leave it for a few hours, and check for any irritation before using it on your scalp.

If you’re facing thinning hair, you don’t have to panic! Switching out your products for quality options and adjusting your hair care routine are simple steps to take care of thinning hair. Try out these methods for healthy hair care and/or see a doctor if you have any concerns.

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