Do you find it challenging to hear God’s voice? Have you ever felt confused about where He’s leading you? Do you sometimes feel like God is just silent?

Introducing: Being Led by God

Being Led by God is a five-day look into understanding God’s voice and His leading in your life. This devotional is a FREE digital download you can read anytime.

Here’s what’s inside the devo:

The Being Led by God devo covers practical ways to help you better identify God’s voice and trust His plan for you, including topics such as:

  • How to actually recognize God’s voice
  • What to do when you’re confused
  • How you can start following His leading today
  • & more

What else can you expect?

Each day includes a devotional message, key takeaways, and reflection questions with action steps you can apply to your life.

God cares about the details of your life, and we can learn how to follow and honor Him in every season. Ready to dive in?


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