Worship Wednesdays #7 | Good Good Father

The profile // about the artist

Chris Tomlin - Good Good Father.jpg
Good Good Father (2015)

Chris Tomlin

  • Contemporary Christian music artist/songwriter, worship leader
  • From Grand Saline, Texas

The pull // why i like it

I love the straightforward message of this song: God is a good Father. It’s a simple fact, yet the enemy tries to deceive us to think otherwise. However, we can fight back by having a firm foundation in the truth of who our Savior is.

The message // what it means

God is the source of everything. He’s a loving Father, and our identity is tied to Him. In order to understand this life and our purpose, we must know Him.

“I’ve seen many searching for answers far and wide

But I know we’re all searching

For answers only You provide”

The call // best to listen when

Anytime! I love that wherever you are, this song encourages you sit and meditate on God and rest in His presence.

Worship Wednesdays #6 | Learning to Breathe

The profile // about the artist 

Switchfoot - Learning_to_Breathe
Learning to Breathe (2000)


  • Alternative rock band
  • From San Diego, California

The pull // why i like it

I’ve been a long time Switchfoot fan, and “Learning to Breathe” has been one of my favorite songs. The song has relatable lyrics that speak about God as our ultimate source of peace.

The message // what it means

“Learning to Breathe” is a reminder that God is the God of all comfort. He hears us. He sees us. He cares for us individually. Try searching for this comfort elsewhere, and you’ll get lost. However, by His grace, even when we fall, God is there to restore us.

“I’m finding that You, and You alone can break my fall”

The call // best to listen if

You’re a Switchfoot fan or if you’re looking for a tranquil song that praises God for who He is.

Worship Wednesdays #5 | Oceans

The profile // about the artist

Zion (2013)

Hillsong UNITED

  • Contemporary Christian worship band (originated from Hillsong Church)
  • From Sydney, Australia

The pull // why i like it

Where to even start. “Oceans” is such a beautiful song, and I don’t even remember when I first heard it. Nevertheless, I’m glad I did. It’s such a beautiful love song about our Savior and His presence. “Where feet may fail,” He is able.

The message // what it means

How great is God’s grace, His love, His guidance, His sovereignty. I love that this song speaks of total surrender to our Savior, acknowledging His faithfulness. God only asks for our willingness, then He can lead us wherever He may call us. This type of willingness–this “I am Yours” mindset–allows Him to work on our hearts, deepening our faith. He will never fail us.

“Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders

Let me walk upon the waters

Wherever You would call me”

The call // best to listen if

In this case, there’s no “if.” You probably know Hillsong. You probably know this song. If not, you’re missing out. Either way, you should check it out.

Worship Wednesdays #4 | Shine

The profile // about the artist

Salvador - Dismiss the Mystery
Dismiss the Mystery (2006)


  • Contemporary Christian band
  • From Austin, Texas

The pull // why i like it

Shine is another throwback worship song that I’ve loved for years. When I was younger, I’d hear the song on the radio over and over again, yet I never grew tired of it. It’s incredibly uplifting and has powerful, positive lyrics.

The message // what it means

There’s great fulfillment and joy that comes with serving God. As follows of Christ, we must follow His command to be a light for Him and share the gospel. Shine celebrates the “beauty” and “majesty” of our loving Savior and how much He deserves glory.

“Lord, let me shine, shine like the moon

A reflection of You in all that I do

Lord, let me be, a light for Your truth

Light of the world, I wanna be used to shine for You”

The call // best to listen

Whenever. There’s something about this song that makes you want to sing along and worship. It’s definitely a mood-booster, but most importantly, it’s such a wonderful song of praise.

Worship Wednesdays #3 | Shepherd of My Soul

The profile // about the artist

R&R - All Things New.jpg
All Things New (2014)

Rivers & Robots (R&R)

  • Worship music band and missionaries in the U.K.
  • From England

The pull // why i like it

My oldest brother, who happens to have great music taste, introduced me to Rivers & Robots. I only heard a minute or two of Shepherd of My Soul, but I loved it right away. The lyrics speak Biblical truth, and the song itself is composed so wonderfully. Also, have you seen the lyric video (below)? It completely captures the band’s cool aesthetic.

The message // what it means

God is a good God. Not only is He the Creator of the “mountains and seas,” but He cares and values you and has created a unique path for your life. He is a God of provision and peace. Remembering God’s sovereignty reminds us that we can lay down our lives and plans and have confidence of who He is.

Living for Him gives us stability in this ever-changing world.

You lead me by still waters

Lead me through the valleys

Lead me in Your wisdom

Shepherd of my soul”

The call // best to listen if

You love folk, indie, or acoustic music. However, if you don’t usually listen to these genres, the soothing melody and lyrics of this song may draw you in.

Worship Wednesdays #2 | Faithful

The profile // about the artist

Brooke Fraser - Albertine

Brooke Fraser

  • Contemporary Christian Artist
  • From New Zealand

The pull // why i like it

An oldie but goodie, Faithful is one of the first Brooke Fraser songs that I discovered years ago. The song has a lovely melody, and it’s accompanied by her famously beautiful vocals.

The message // what it means

God hears you, and He has not forgotten you.

When we feel distant from Him, He’s still there. In quiet seasons, we should learn to seek Him and remain faithful, even though we can’t see the future.

“When I can’t feel you, I have learned to reach out just the same

When I can’t hear you, I know you still hear every word I pray

And I want you more than I want to live another day

And as I wait for you maybe I’m made more faithful”

The call // best to listen if

You’re a Brooke Fraser fan (though you’ve probably already heard this one). If you’re not a fan, this song might make you one.

Worship Wednesdays #1 | Saved Secure

The profile // about the band

Citizens & Saints (or Citizens)

Join the Triumph (Deluxe Edition)
  • Christian rock band
  • From Seattle, Washington

The pull // why i like it

I first heard the song when I was in a friend’s car, and I was immediately drawn to its compelling instrumentals. I listened and realized it had incredibly powerful lyrics to match.

The message // what it means

God is alive and real, and He is our rescuer. This song is a reminder and praise of how He has saved us and that true security comes from Him. It’s a beautiful depiction of surrender and freedom.

“You answered. You rescued.”

The call // best to listen when

Whenever. Wherever. Just plug that AUX cord into your phone and turn your speakers up.

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