Life changes can happen unexpectedly. This could be anything from an abrupt move, losing a job or switching careers, dealing with the end of a relationship, or taking care of a sudden medical condition. Each of these situations can impact your financial situation, but you can learn to deal with the change in the right way.

Budgeting and managing your finances will help you transition into a new lifestyle–with less stress. You can take charge and plan ahead to avoid unwanted debt and expenses in the future.

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Cut Energy Usage

If you have lost your job or are paying high medical bills, finding ways to save money is a priority. An easy way to manage your spending is to reduce costs you have control over. Energy costs are often overlooked, but they could be some of your highest expenses. Take some time out to look at how much you are spending on energy. Make simple daily changes to save where you can.

Reducing energy costs can be as easy as flipping a switch! When you leave a room, remember to switch off the lights. Turn off tech, appliances, and other electronics when you’re not using them. Consider replacing light bulbs in your home with LEDs for a more energy-efficient and cost-effective lighting solution. (LEDs consume less energy than traditional lights, and you can save over 90% on your energy bills!) Over time, you’ll find that these small changes can make a big impact on your monthly bills–and help you save money for emergencies.

Speak to Your Landlord or Mortgage Holder

Are you renting or owning property? Speak to your landlord or mortgage holder, and inform them of changes to your financial situation. Some may be more understanding than others, and any possible adjustments may depend on your previous payment history. If you have consistently paid for quite some time, it’s likely that they will provide you with a little leniency if you need more time or offer a temporary change in your payment agreements. While having the conversation might seem intimidating, it’s worth asking about this possibility and coming to an agreement that you can afford.

Calculate any Extra Money Coming In

If you have been injured or you are paying medical bills, it’s possible that you are entitled to compensation. Perhaps you were injured in a pedestrian accident. Learn about your incident using the details here to determine whether you are eligible to make a claim. If you are eligible, you will be awarded damages to cover medical costs you face because of your injury.

Have a passion you love? Consider pursuing a side hustle. Starting a small business is a great way to do something you love and provide a helpful service to others, while building more income. You’ll have an extra cushion of cash to add to your savings as you’re taking on a new budget.

Reach Out

Don’t be too embarrassed or ashamed to ask for help from people you trust. Close friends and family might be able to offer a helping hand, provide financial support, or help you find solutions to navigate a lifestyle change. Remember to be open-minded, patient, and understanding to those who offer their help. Your tribe is there for you!

Managing budgeting issues can seem daunting. However, evaluating your options and making wise choices will help you get through difficult changes. Make the most of your resources, reach out to your community, and take steps towards your goals–even if they’re small.

While you can’t always control unpredictable events, you can control how you handle them.

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