We all want to be confident. From faith to relationships to everyday life, having a sense of confidence propels us to live the purpose we were created for with boldness. But if there’s one area that can be challenging to gain that security, it’s finances.

Whether you’re in college or tackling the post-grad world, these early stages of adulthood are the best times to organize your financial life! Like confidence, financial peace is a process. However, if we want to improve our relationship with money, we must learn to approach finances with the right mindset.

By adjusting our perspective and making small steps, we can easily build money confidence. Money confidence is having a healthy, realistic outlook on your finances and the knowledge and tools to handle them wisely. With time, we will find freedom from fear and build smart habits that can change our lives.

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Be Positive

A positive mindset is a vital step in building financial confidence. No matter your current status, taking control of your thoughts will help you think clearly and make practical steps to fix financial trouble. Instead of dwelling on debt, consider the possibilities you have to pay it off. As opposed to stressing about a shrinking bank account, brainstorm ways to save money. Focusing on what is possible will eliminate often exaggerated anxieties you have concerning money. And remember, setbacks don’t have to be permanent. If you feel like you’re not reaching your goals, return to a positive perspective. This way, instead of being frozen with fear, you can take action and focus on the future you want to have.

Take Lead

What practical changes can you make? Developing confidence comes from taking ownership of your situation–the key is to start. You can put aside time to assess your weak points, change spending habits, consider sources of income, and define the goals that are most important to you. Taking simple steps today will help you see how capable you are in dealing with your finances. Part of this means knowing what your options are–whether that is getting an instant loan online, taking on a side-job, or planning a weekly budget. Take the leap and make changes to improve your financial situation. While you’re busy working towards new goals, you’ll find that your money confidence will develop quicker than you thought possible.

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Give It Away

We’re called to serve others, and a great way to do that is through our resources. Giving to those in need builds your peace with finances and provides a major blessing to others. When you give as you can afford, you will come to a place of greater confidence in your life. Give as you’ve been given, and any unhealthy perspectives about money will fade in the process. You will be able to refocus your perspective from solely securing your own financial gain to providing life-changing opportunities to other people. Building money confidence isn’t so much about how much money you keep to yourself; rather, it’s not allowing money to take control of your life.

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