Deeper Still Day 2: The Power of Repentance | Video

Annnd we’re on Day 2 of the Deeper Still series! Here’s today’s message: When we acknowledge sin for what it is, it no longer has power over us.

Today’s devo is a powerful one. Let’s get real about sin, repentance, and forgiveness.

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Deeper Still Day 1: Let God Meet You Where You Are | Video

We’re starting off the Deeper Still devotional series with an important message: God’s love for you doesn’t change–no matter where you’re starting from.

Have you gotten the devo yet? You don’t want to miss today’s reflection questions!

Click below to check out Day 1 of the video series:

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3 Ways to Be More Financially Confident

We all want to be confident. From faith to relationships to everyday life, having a sense of confidence propels us to live the purpose we were created for with boldness. But if there’s one area that can be challenging to gain that security, it’s finances.

Whether you’re in college or tackling the post-grad world, these early stages of adulthood are the best times to organize your financial life! Like confidence, financial peace is a process. However, if we want to improve our relationship with money, we must learn to approach finances with the right mindset.

By adjusting our perspective and making small steps, we can easily build money confidence. Money confidence is having a healthy, realistic outlook on your finances and the knowledge and tools to handle them wisely. With time, we will find freedom from fear and build smart habits that can change our lives.

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Taking Steps of Faith vs. Steps of Fear | Video

You’ve heard it before: Actions speak louder than words.

Did you know that your actions reveal your level of faith? In today’s video, I discuss how to know if you’re acting in fear or faith–and how to take steps towards a deeper trust in God.

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