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Kimberly, New York

Creator, Journey to Joy

Meet Kimberly. A blogger, PR manager, and web host. In this weeks feature, Kimberly talks about living a life pleasing to God, the impact of obedience, and finding freedom through surrender.

Q: What does “Confidence Without Compromise” mean to you?

A: To me, confidence without compromise means not settling. In life, there will always be opportunities to “just take what you can get”–in choosing a significant other, a career, a school to attend, where you live, and so on–but pride in what you have comes from doing the opposite.

People give advice based on what they’ve seen, what they’ve experienced, or what they were too scared to pursue. I’ve learned to not limit myself because of the opinions of others.

Your yearning for better in every area of life is a gift from God.

He’s going to use that desire to take you further, and once you obtain what you’ve worked for, He will use your story to show others what is possible.

Q: How has your faith given you confidence?

A: My faith in God has given me confidence to be obedient to Him when it’s most uncomfortable. I’m currently in a season of major transition, and literally everything is out of my control. This is extremely difficult for someone like me who is used to planning and having things go my way.

As I’ve surrendered more and more of my own will, I experience the freedom available to me.

My faith in God has grown tremendously because I’ve experienced His provision and have seen His promises to me come true. Obedience can have a negative connotation; it’s often associated with inferiority or weakness. But obedience to God yields the opposite–it gives you power, clarity, wisdom and success.

Q: What is a go-to Bible verse that you turn to when you need confidence or hope?

A: My go-to Bible verse is Philippians 4:13; it is the first verse I ever learned and memorized, and it means so much to me: “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” This verse reminds me that I am loved, I am unstoppable, and I am destined for greatness.

Q: What encouragement would you give to other young women regarding living for the Lord?

A: As a young Christian woman, you have a high mantle to uphold, so do so with pride. Don’t be distracted by what everyone else is doing–even other Christians.

Culture, tradition, and worldly norms don’t set your standards. God does.

The truth you are to live by is in His word, and if anything you are tempted to indulge in is not aligned with that, have the courage to say no to it.

Remember that you are not your own (1 Corinthians 6:19-20), and your life is hidden in Christ (Colossians 3:3). What’s best for you is only found in Him. Nothing matters more than bringing glory to God. At the end of your life, you want to make sure you did everything in your knowledge and power to make Him proud.

Learn About GLAM Camp for Girls and Journey to Joy

I am the Public Relations Manager at G.L.A.M. (Girls Leadership and Mentoring) Camp and the creator of the Journey to Joy blog. GLAM Camp for Girls is a Christian lifestyle brand and mentoring organization that focuses on building leaders of the next generation. Journey to Joy is my personal blog, where I share my experiences as a young Christian woman navigating my way to joy in life with Christ as my GPS.

Q: How have you seen God work in your life and the lives of others during your involvement?

A: Through GLAM Camp for Girls, I’ve seen young girls experience the freedom and healing only available through Christ. I’ve been able to build relationships with people around the world, all with the common goal of growing in Christ.

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Connect With Kimberly

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Journey to Joy
Instagram (Personal): @kamrxo

Learn more about Confidence Without Compromise here.

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